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Glass craftsman

After having spent many years travelling the planet, it's eventually in Istanbul that Agnès trained in different glass techniques, joining the Glass Furnace training center

She perfected there her knowledge, alongside renowned international trainers : Andrea Guarino, Jelveh Jaferian or Michaela Möller for Murano glass beads; Mark Ditzler or Bob Leatherbarrow for fusing and working with powders; Tom Galbraith or Christian Arnold for lampwork. 

In her "d'ARTagnès" workshop, which she then installed in picturesque village of Lagraulet du Gers, she focuses on fusion (kiln and torch work).

She plays with the transparencies and shimmers of this magical material that is glass, to decline a variety of creations dedicated to interior decoration.

Phone: 06 40 57 90 39


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