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Plaster, earth and lime masonry

The Saccaro team, made up of Céline Rozès and Emerik Payen, works with earth, plaster and lime materials.
Both heritage restoration workers, they love to juggle with these noble and natural materials.
Specialized in vernacular masonry, various training courses orient them towards know-how and decorative techniques (School of Avignon, Conservatory of ochres and colors in Roussillon, Toulouse School of Plastering Compagnons, Plaster Vieujot in Ariège).
Applying natural plasters in a traditional way improves the comfort of the house and respects the habitat.
The team also offers its services in supporting self-builders: diagnosis, choice of materials, coaching, demonstration of the coatings application on site.
Céline teaches since several years for CAUE 32, on the Lime and Plaster modules ("worker in heritage restoration" degree).

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