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Stained glass artist

Julie Bonnafous, glass craftsman, specialises in the restoration and creation of stained glass.

Originally from SW France, it's in Ireland that Julie discovers the work of stained glass. Back to France, various internships followed, then the Arras Art Craft School where she took a 3-year training course.

After graduation, she worked for 2 years in the studio of Toulouse master glassmaker Jean Dominique Fleury (designer and restorer of old and contemporary stained glass), then left to Quebec to complete her education for a year.

On her return in 2011, she created Atelier Julie Bonnafous, first based in Toulouse, then Martres-Tolosane, and now in Gers for our greatest pleasure!

The work of the glass craftsman has two main orientations, creation and restoration. This is why the Atelier Julie Bonnafous collaborates with individuals, as well as with associations or public institutions.

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