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Painter and decorator

Graduated from the European School of Art and Materials (Albi), as a matterist / colorist in wall decoration, Marine learned to work with noble materials such as lime or earth.

She subsequently completed her knowledge in learning wall patina, polished concrete and painted decoration.

The work of materials, the search for subtle colors through the mixture of pigments, the craftsman's hand, are all ways of creating unique effects, respecting ancestral techniques.

In addition, she aspires to revisit the Tradition, by creating contemporary wall decorations, thanks (among other things) to the Sgraffito technique (Italian technique of the 15th century, relief decoration made by putting on top of eachother at least two layers of plaster, and incising the first layers according to a drawing, in order to reveal the lower ones).

Phone: 06 86 61 00 47

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